Duane Beeson

Boise, ID

"The Boise Bee"

Duane Beeson's Medals


Duane Beeson's Medals

(Top Row)
Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Distinguished Unit Citation Ribbon, Purple Heart, POW Medal, Europe-Africa-Mid Eastern Campaign Medal, American Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal

(Bottom Row)
1939-1945 Star:Great Britain, Defense Medal:Canada, Voluntary Service:Canada, 1939-1945 War Medal:Canada, Croix De Guerre w/Palm:Belgium, 1940-1945 Commemorative Medal: Belgium, Belgian Gratitude Medal:Belgium, Medal of Free France:France

Assigned Aircraft

Spitfire MkVbBL422XR-J 9/42-11/42UnkUnk
AD464XR-L 11/42-12/42UnkTransferred 4/1/43
AB975AV-A 2/11/43UnkTransferred 4/1/43
P-47D42-7890QP-B 6/26/43-2/28/44"Boise Bee", two-gun bumble bee in flight gear on cloud.Transferred 2/28/44
P-51B43-6819QP-B 2/36/44-4/5/44"Bee", two-gun bumble bee in flight gear on cloud with shield background, 20 black/white kill crosses, olive drab and gray with splotchy new dark olive drab spot touchups, white ETO bands on mainplanes only4/5/44 - MIA hit by flak while attacking Gardelegen airdrome in Germany.


(includes only those while in the 4th FG)

Date Enemy A/C Air/Ground Place Number
5/18/43 Me-109 Air Ostend-Blankenberghe, Belg 1
6/26/43 Me-109 Air English Channel 10 mi. off Dieppe, Fr 1
7/28/43 Me-109 Air Westhoof-Emerich, Ger. 1
10/2/43 FW-190 Air eas of Wilhelmshaven, Ger. 1
10/8/43 Me-109 Air Meppel-Zwolle area, Neth. 2
1/14/44 FW-190 Air Soissons-Cambrai area, Fr. 1
1/29/44 Me-109 Air Aachen, Ger. 1
1/29/44 FW-190 Air Aachen, Ger. 1
1/31/44 Me-109 Air Gilze-Rijen, Neth. 1
2/20/44 FW-190 Air Aachen, Ger. 1
2/25/44 FW-190 Air Beckingen, Ger. 1
2/28/44 Ju-88 Ground Soissons area, Fr. 0.25
3/5/44 Me-109 Air south of Bordeaux, Fr. 1
3/18/44 Me-109 Air east of Mannheim, Ger. 1
3/23/44 Me-109 Air Munster area, Ger. 2
3/27/44 Ju-88 Ground Cazaux A/D, Fr. 1
3/27/44 He-126 Ground Cazaux A/D, Fr. 1
3/27/44 Ju-88 Ground Cazaux A/D, Fr. 0.5
4/1/44 Me-109 Air north of Lake Constance, Ger. 1
4/5/44 Ju-88 Air Brandenburg-Briest A/D, Ger. 0.33
4/5/44 Ju-88 Ground Weissewarte/Bush A/D, Ger. 1

AirGroundTotal AirGroundTotal
19.334.7524.08 19.334.7524.08

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Duane Beeson's grave at Arlington Cemetary. (Beeson was actually born in 1921 even though the stone says 1922. Apparently, his wife accidentally gave the wrong date when he was buried),

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