Economic Collapse & Corporatist America

Well, we have finally passed a stimulus bill and had all had the opportunity to call, write, or email our congress, senate, and president. Without regard the stimulus would have passed anyway that is obvious. I am now convinced we did not ever change; nothing has turned for the better. All we have is a new party in office whose agenda differs from the last; but it remains that it is “good to be king!”
Our country is based on a system of economics that is controlled by an unruly group of investors commanded by one person; the chairman of the board. No! I am not talking about Sinatra. Last year it was Greenspan and now it is Bernanke. In either case the same persons are ruling the country, by ruling the money.

Did anyone wonder how the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) can cover such huge losses? What about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their nationalization we all forgot about? Now Greenspan has yelled out publically to nationalize the banking system. Why? Because it is good for business!

Our country has spent the last 30 years in the dark while during the time a majority of the airwaves touted how we need not pay attention and need to just keep buying product. As we can all see now that was the worst course we could have ever taken. We have set aside educating our children in favor of buying their love and telling them what our very government told us; buy love.

Even as we speak the government is still playing the same ball and we are not seeing the true issue. Credit!

Even if things get back on track in this country there is a significant population that will exist with poor credit. The government tells us we can claim bankruptcy to save our home through a loan modification; I ask why would I do that? If I did I could not get credit for 10+ years. What about the credit cards? Will anyone be getting one of those soon? Or are we replacing it with a welfare card? Yep! Welfare Visa – Priceless!

Look – even if we are able to stabilize everything how is anyone going to get the credit back to purchase a home, a car, or get insurance, a job, or many other items that are tied to our credit rating. I believe we are being bankrupted into accepting a massive change. This change will include the unifying of North, South, and Central America’s into the American Union. In the next year we will be told the country is in total collapse and the only way we can survive is to create this union without borders. We will finally lose our democracy in favor of corporatist governance that has the film overlay of democracy; but we are nothing more than a country of commodities.

I have a simple answer for this collapse. If they truly want to stop the bleeding then we have only one course of action to take; bankrupt the credit system. If we were to eliminate and reset the credit scoring system; essentially freezing what occurred before today, the economy would return over night. People would head out to get loans on cars at 2% or homes at 10% and 30 years. If this doesn’t occur we will continue into the abyss in a downward spiral.

This is enough information for now I am certain – but I always recommend we stop, listen, and truly view all options.