Official Association of the Fourth Fighter Group page

The A4FG has completed its new page: it’s at The Official Site of the 4th Fighter Group Association

This content will transition to a maintenance mode for reference. Please visit there for contacts with the A4FG, the Eagle Eye, and so forth.

Lack of updates


I do apologize for the stopped conversion of many of the pages from the old pages to WordPress format, including cleaning up dead links and such. Please know that I haven’t by any means forgotten the site and that when turmoil in my life slows down, making something veterans, their families, and anyone interested in the Fourth will be happy to visit is top on my list.

Unfortunately at the moment ‘turmoil’ has been going on for a bit more than four years now, and I’m not prepared to describe that in these pages. If you’re visiting, have left a message in the last while, and are wondering if the lights are still on … they are, even though dimly. Thanks for your patience!

Association of the 4th FG, update?

Nothing new on the A4FG since October 13th, 2011. If anyone can confirm the name of the current President of the A4FG, please leave a comment. Comments are moderated, so your webmaster will see what you write, but it won’t be published to the world.

Association of the 4th FG, WWII, AAF

As regular readers might note, the conversion of to a consistent look and feel hasn’t completed. I have word that the Association is in process of developing a new site; exciting news! Look here for more as I confirm this “pukka gen.”

Mustang Racing

This is definitely off-topic … but your author’s been doing a little simulation racing. What better to drive than a Mustang … and if a Mustang, it has to be a Debden Mustang (in this case 335th FS-style).

iRacing Mustang

A few creative liberties were taken with the placement of invasion stripes.

New registrations suspended – sorry!

Due to a vast increase of the number of odd (likely automated) registrations, registration for the blog is temporarily suspended. Registration and use of our forums continues to be available, of course.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Life at Debden

Life at Debden – from home movies shot by 335th FS SSgt Joe Sills.

Not surprisingly brought to you courtesy of Wade Mayers Art.

WarBirds’ Virtual 4th FG

The online simulation WarBirds’ 4th Fighter Group has reorganized its homepage. In continuous operation since 1995 (and not coincidentally, how this webmaster and the researchers got into the process of building this site), this simulation WarBirds group is now located here.

Fabulous Rocketeers

The 4th Facebook page comes through again with this week’s update! The Fabulous Rocketeers site details the exploits of the 4th in and over Korea.

Make sure to drop by soon!

4th Facebook Group?

‘Ektra79′ informs us that the 4th has a Facebook page here.